About Us

Throw back to 1996, in a small market town in Leicestershire, our passion for fragrance began. From a small, cone shaped candle, to now producing thousands of home fragrancing products every week.
In 2018, after a couple of years of finding ourselves in the industry online, we decided to push our dream further, and create the brand we always desired.
This involved a lot of trial and error with branding, wax blends, product tests, and much more. Then finally, in 2019, Scents Of Style ™  was born. 
A bespoke wax blend, support from the online community we had built over the years, confidence in our product and hundreds of 5 star reviews, our first website restock sold out within minutes. 
Supply couldn't meet demand! And that continued monthly! Products selling out within minutes, thousands of orders being received. We couldn't believe the support, the love for our brand!
In autumn 2019, we had no choice but to move to a new, larger workshop. Our stock levels were having to be increased by the week, and we were running out of room in our modest set up.
With new found space at the workshop, things only grew. And they grew fast! 
Our monthly themed boxes were a huge hit. As well as choice of hundreds of scents on the website, not only wax but room sprays, perfume, bath bombs and more. Not only that, but various suppliers over the UK contacted us and wanted to stock our products!
Now, we produce literal tons of wax each and every month, with multiple stockists all over the UK. We also offer a monthly subscription service alongside our other products, and we just keep growing month by month!
We're so excited for what the future holds, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support for our brand.
We love you!